Christmas Magic Hunt Hints!

In just a few days we get started!! the Hunt starts here!

Listed below are the many stores with some of their hints, they all have hint givers at the stores as well!

Many of the stores have many hints, meaning they have many awesome gifts for you!!

1. Soul Effects – There are many of me, turn on night and watch me go, on the beach, where it snows,maybe even in a tree
2. Arachne – Ouch!, Bathtime, I’ll have mine on the rocks, and twinkle twinkle little star.
3. Egoisme – Store has several hints please check the hint giver at the store
4. Everything Designs – see store hint giver to many to list!
5. Roawenwood – There will be a hint giver on site for the prizes, there will be 3
6. Reliquia – Store has 5 hints check the hint giver at the store!
7. Aphrodite Shop – May be hidden where those tasty cakes are on the bar!
8. RVI Design – Oh, Look at the top of that tree!
9. Charmed Creations – see store hint giver
10. Spargel and Shine Homes – “Holly says she knows where it is”
11. Pixel Creations Hint 1: Winter is the perfect time to make a lazy evening & Santa enjoys the warm  clime when going to Casablanca
12. Dekute Dekore – See Store hint giver
13. Camilla’s – Go thru fashion and up the stairs to Christmas – to the house of merriness and here you will find me
14. Kittycat Creations – See store hint giver
15. Bearsfoot Beaches – Store has 4 hints please see the store hint giver
16. Simply Shila – A butcher, a baker, a candle stick maker, where do you think they be? Rub a dub dub, three men in a tub
17. Ravensong –  At Santa’s Feet
18 Snowpaws – A winter wedding would be so romantic!
19. United Ishcon – see store hint giver
22 Elegance by Elysa
23. Kabuki Creations  – See Store hint giver

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