Week 13

-SE- 3 Moons - Off Sim -SE- Pergola - Fully Stocked [Arachne] Modest - Charcoal [PC] PIXEL CREATIONS - ELEGANT PLANT _GLOSSY BLACK_ (tall) [PC] PIXEL CREATIONS - MESH SOFA CASABLANCA _LUM-Delicato Amore - Aqua _LUM-Gumball Beads - Cinnamon Apple {r} Slave Girl's Pillow v2 1 Prim Functional Mesh Kitchen v.2 _ by Dekute Dekore Bearsfoot Lane Watering Can - blue treesPIC Bearsfoot Lane Watering Can - naturalPIC Bearsfoot Lane Watering Can - painted flowersPIC BeltAssassin copy BootsAssassin copy BracersAssassin copy Caribbean Sweets Tray photo Clutter for Builders - 0073KA.Sit.Casual.Disbelief-F-AP coined draped silks Pink_002 E&D ENGINEERING_ Textures - Wood Trellis and Fence WTF002_t Elegance Sweethearts Cuddles Rug (red hearts)PIC Sardar Fair Tray (male carry)  photo Sardar Fair Tray (nadu) photo

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