Week 23

[Arachne] Tende - Arrow [Arachne] Tende - Dina [Arachne] Tende - Parsit [Arachne] Tende - Tribal [Arachne] Tende - Weave [Park Place] Spring Green Easy Chair [Park Place] Spring Green Loveseat [PC] PIXEL CREATIONS - LAZY SHADY SET - SEPIA EDITION _LUM-STRATUM Aurea Bronse Belt Set _LUM-STRATUM Aurea Bronse Choker Set _LUM-STRATUM Aurea Bronse Complete Set {r} Summer Night Blanket {RW} Olde Shade Tree Picnic Set 001--Lady-of-Avalon-Modesty-top AD LITTLE SECRETS ROSE AD Ribbons and Bows Periwinkle Bearsfoot Lane Growing Roses Trellis - Brushed AluminumPIC Bearsfoot Lane Growing Roses Trellis -WoodPIC Blackcat snacks tray photo Casino Roulette Table E&D ENGINEERING_ Textures - Stone Cavern Walls SCW008_t Elegance Gorean Home Curule WarriorPIC GoldenLucidityAd GoldenLucidityBraceletCloseup GoldenLuciditySet Martell Hospitality Tray photo Mesh Leather Metro Sofa & Armchair Set Mesh Linen Metro Sofa & Armchair Set Naughty StableAD New Turkish Samovar photo -SE- 40x20 Field - Yellow Wild FlowersPIC Soul Effects 40x20 Field - White DaisiesPIC StarburstAd copy WintersKissAd copy

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