Week 47

Besides checking out our thrilling lineup of this week’s specials be sure to join Simply The Best’s Turkey Hunt at all our participating stores.  All stores will have 2 hidden gifts at minimum, all are worth 125L or more! Only 10L!!  Starts Friday November 15th and runs until the 30th!!  Links to Slurls to Visit the Stores are on the left!!
-SE- Outdoor Dining Set - Pergola

-SE- Full Laundry Set[Arachne] Aya - Blue LE{RW} Ofuro Soaking Tub - Sandalwood [Mesh] v1{RW} Ofuro Soaking Tub - Redwood [Mesh] v1Standing Bucket Chair._UR_[Park Place] Stenciled Foyer Cabinet and Mirror _w AccessoriesHerb Vodka Tray photoTuchuk Presentation Tray (male nadu) photoTuchuk Presentation Tray (nadu) photo_LUM-Zipporah Earrings - Aqua Green Silver_LUM-Lotus Earrings - Blue & Silver[PC] PIXEL CREATIONS - MESH SOFA _LET IT SNOW_Poster girls AphrodesiacPoster Girls Collection pristine red ADPoster Girls Collection PURITY ADE&D ENGINEERING_ Textures - Cyber Dark Plating CDP101_tE&D ENGINEERING_ Textures - Fabric Latex Rubber FLR222_tE&D ENGINEERING_ Textures - Tiles Classic Floors TCF034_tThePalmwoodlivingroomtext copyByzantine Rotunda (butterfly lamp) PICByzantine Rotunda (butterfly lamp)2 PIC(RVi Design) Thanksgiving Feast - Buffet Table(RVi Design) The Table Of Gula - Buffet TableFlying the skies AD[Wood Works] Anyplace Shelf Table AD

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