Week 8 (2014)

-SE- Chore Hud - Kitchen Edition -SE- Chore Hud - 7 Chores Misc -SE- Flower Field - With Flying Butterflies_001 -SE- Field of Yellow Wild FlowersPIC -SE- Hollyhocks Field - BluePIC [Arachne] Sage - Sea [Arachne] Sage - Purple EbE Tiki Delight Cuddles Hammock AD [Wood Works] Cottage Glen Plaid Chair copy AD _LUM-Daisy Set - Tourmaline & Gold _LUM-Chain & Pearl Choker - Leaf _LUM-Mazarin Bracelets - Citrus Gold Daiquiri Trio Tray photo v2 Tea Quadra photo Gorean Eggnog Tray photo (RVi Design) Deco Castle Wall with Secret Doorway (RVi Design) Decorative Castle Wall (RVi Design) Deco Castle Wall w_ Guarded Archway V2 (RVi Design) Arch wall decor Coat Of Arms - Lion Coastal Cottage Furnished_ 198 prims, partial mesh_ copy_mod E&D ENGINEERING_ Textures - Industrial Steel Panels ISP004_t E&D ENGINEERING_ Textures - Stone Walls and Ceilings SWC032_t E&D ENGINEERING_ Textures - Wood Parquet Floor WPF015_t [Park Place] Pecan & Wicker Set - Sofa [PC] PIXEL CREATIONS - ANNE COUCH SET BLACK_BLUE Park Bench Rivets Garden Chair Sign Clutter for Builders - 0154.Stand-Fallacy 02-F-AP Rev Clutter for Builders - 0153.Stand-Fallacy 01-F-AP RevSnowpaws - Seta Champagne Cocktail Silk Gown

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